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Audio Packets provides IP audio transport services over broadband Internet and private lines to create high quality real time low latency audio connections nationwide or internationally.

ISDN BRI Audio Telephone Lines
Dedicated Internet IP Audio Transport

T1, DS3, MPLS Network, Ethernet over Fiber


About Audio Packets
Who we are, our site policies and how to contact us.

Welcome to We specialize in helping studios, broadcasters and independent professionals obtain ISDN BRI and IP transport lines services.

About Our Technical Team
We are both telecommunications web site publishers and affiliates of Telarus Inc., an innovative master agency for dedicated lines, network and cloud services ranging from ISDN BRI to ISDN PRI, T1, Ethernet over Copper and fiber optic services to 10 Gps and above. Our technical and marketing experts are skilled in the field of voice and data bandwidth. When you call our toll free support number or submit an online quote form, your request will be answered promptly by an appropriate professional. We represent over a dozen tier 1 suppliers and will work with them on your behalf to find the right services at the best possible prices. Our consulting and pricing conversations are available to you at no cost or obligation.

Use of This Site is intended to help individuals and organizations who have serious applications for audio transport services nationwide. These services can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars a month and are not at all appropriate for residential users or home offices. If you are interested in home broadband services, please visit Can I Get DSL?

About Our Articles
Our articles are intended to provide general information to a wide range of interested readers. Be sure to personally evaluate any particular voice or data carrier services to make sure they are right for your application. In particular, pay close attention to the terms and conditions that apply before you sign any agreements.

All of our material on this site is protected by United States Copyright law and may not be reused without permission. If you publish a non-competing newspaper, magazine or newsletter and would like to re-publish any of our information, please contact us. We'll probably grant permission as long as the published article contains proper attribution and mention of our web site. Write to ContactAudio (at) about article republication or with questions or comments regarding this website.

Our Privacy Policy
We only use the information you give us to discuss your applications for high bandwidth services and, if appropriate, create proposals and orders. Your private information is never sold to third party marketing organizations.

Free Consulting Support plus Pricing & Availability
Get connected with ISDN BRI audio telecom or dedicated Internet IP network line services. Simply enter your contact information on this handy form:

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Accurate business information is needed to provide correct results and prompt assistance. Your information will only be used for this applicaiton and will not be shared. Click here for the Telarus Shop For Ethernet privacy policy.

Our extensive audio and network services are provided by Telarus, Inc., a premier bandwidth broker and master agency. Please provide accurate phone & email contact information or call toll free for support anytime at 1-888-848-8749. All information you provide will be used only to support your inquiry and will not be shared. ISDN BRI is appropriate for both commercial studios and independent voice actors with in-home studio setups. Please note that we offer the ISDN lines only, not studio services. Thank you.




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